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Thanks for posting pics.

That is the 9mm version which is a big part of the reason the neck tension sucks.

If BB would have used a higher volume powder they could have prevented setback with a compressed powder charge. However they most likely would not get 1450+ fps velocity either.

Just another reason I do not carry "boutique" ammo company loads for SD and especially max loads for SD.

I have never had a set back on Speer GD or HSTs in .45, .40, 357sig or 9mm, I check them regularly.
In my tests with .357sig I have measured setback on both the GD and HST. The HST may slip .005" after 6 chamberings. GD 54234 and 53918 both suffered the worst setback of any of the .357sig JHP I had tested, no doubt due to the large metplat hitting the feed ramp hard. This is the main reason I don't carry them anymore. You can see .005" setback with both Speer loads with 2 chamberings, sometimes only 1 depending on the gun.
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