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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
Still no advantage over a G30.
Just because the LAPD does something,it does not mean it's not a failure.
Take a look at California.. A narrower slide on a wide frame does nothing
that is a benefit to the shooter, more recoil, faster unlock time, more muzzle flip.

Sorry that I have to disagree, but I must.-. I have been shooting Glocks for 20+ years... owning almost 40 in that time. I have shot (& still shoot) in competition with Glocks exclusively. I am not a newbie.

I do not care why the 30S was developed, but it was just what I needed. It is easier to conceal, even though the frame is larger than the slide. (All Glocks have slides wider than the slide, except the G36). It is lighter... weighing slightly more than a G26! The heavier .45 rounds offset that some, but I chose to carry a total of 9 rounds with my G30S, so the total weight is not much more (if any, depending on the gr. wt. rounds used) than a fully loaded G26. Even with the fatter slide, my G30S fit perfectly in a leather slide holster I had used for a G26. I never liked the G36 frame, but never cared for the fat G30 slide... even though it shoots better.

Even though it has "more recoil, faster unlock time, more muzzle flip", I would rather have a G30S for concealed carry any day than a G26, G27, G36... or a G30. I love my G30SF, but it will not do what this gun will do.

Go ahead - buy yourself one! You don't have to give up your G30!-

Failure? I think not. -
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