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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
And Reagan didn't even know he was hit, Brady took a lucky shoot to the head & survived & the FBI agent was not completely out of the fight. Remember, they were ambushed, not fighting back, not hopped up on drugs or sensory deprived by alcohol. Sure, it works, but adequate would be a kind adjective.
If your ability is truely amazing & you can gaurantee a headshot on a bobbing/moving 4" circle on demand, in low light, then you can count yourself as one ofthe top shooters on the planet. I would wager, quite a large one too, that most shooters can't hit a moving 4" object on demand in say 1.5sec @ 21ft & do it 99 out of 100. I would also wager most have never tried it either. I don't care how much training you had in the mil or LE, unless you are shooting almost daily, that skill level decreases w/ each passing week. You just think you are as good as you were on your last best day @ the range.
I'm grounded in reality, I see how expert & master level shooters can & do miss. They shoot 4-5x a week, not just plinking but drilling & they can't gaurantee the shot 99 out of 100. I could & would cetainly fight w/ a 22lr if it was all I had, but to choose one, why?
The Reagan shooting was a good example of .22 ballistics.
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