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Originally Posted by hambone80 View Post
Man if I had $100 for everytimes some noob said this. It's pretty easy to make said headshot standing still @ 21ft, slow fire, in daylight & a stationary target. Now add low light, you moving, the target moving, & shootings some crappy little 25acp or other mouse gun with poor grip & no sights. My fav test for the internet commando, a 4" balloon on a 12" string @ a mere 21ft on a windy day. Draw, move & try getting even one headhsot? Yeay, get back to me on that one.
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Let's not make silly assumptions about somebody's skill based off the number of posts they have. When you get out of the Beverly Hills Gun Club and go do some training at 29 Palms CA MCAGCC, and then get some in the Suck several times. Well get back to me on that one! I apologize in advance for this condesending remark, but for all I know you could be a combat veteren too! I sure you're an excellent shot. We all get it. A .22lr round is not really sufficient for putting an assailant down for keeps, and shot placement is critical in any scenerio with just about any caliber weapon! Would I purposely use a .22lr for self defense? NO! Fred 338 is right...there are much better choices!
i proved a point to an illinformed shooter once by releasing two balloons (bigger than your head sized) on the ground with only a slight breeze. it took him six shots from his 1911 to get two balloons at about 15 feet.

he was/is a damn good shooter, but has misconceptions about hitting a moving target that moves where it wants.
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