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Also, fwiw, in light of the comments on the .22LRs reliability, I used to own a little .25ACP Titan. It would fit in a vest pocket of a suit, or a jeans pocket. .25ACP, being a centerfire cartridge, will ignite more reliably than the rimfire .22LR.

Still, I had a chance to get a KelTec P32, and compared them, and the P32 was only marginally bigger, roughly the same weight, so I sold the .25 and kept the .32. The KelTec .380 (P3AT) is the same physical size as the P32, so there's really not much reason to go with the .32 over the .380. And .380 is the absolute minimum I would carry, or advise others to carry, for backup. Remington offers a big fat 102 gr Golden Saber load in .380 that would be ideal for BUG.
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