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Was passing buy and saw this was still going on, and thought, why not !

I've shown this before, but so what, I'm doin 'er again. AND I got no real point here, just killing a few minutes before I got to go again.

This 1/8" hardned cold rolled steel plate was shot with 2 FMJ 9mm rds 124grs at 25 yds out of a G17, out behind the ranch house for grins. Thus you see two pass through holes..

The big "BUMPS," you see are the result of two shots from " 3 feet " away using a NAA mini Revolver in FMJ 22 MAGNUM, with a 1 5/8" barrel.

What does this prove ? Not alot, except I personally thought it was pretty cool that out of the gun (pictured below) that a FMJ 22 Magnum out of a 1 5/8" barrel at 3 feet, made these dang big dents in this hardend steel plate.

Now, at a poker table distance 3-4 feet, I have NO doubt this will go through a 'noggin'. I also 'know this' because of shooting through 'another noggin' (non human) with it....

BTW... Noggin shots are not that easy usually in a SD senerio. To much stuff going on. Can it be done ? Yes ! But it is usually far more difficult than one thinks.

My mention of a head shot here in this situation is being in a head lock by the BG, or down on the ground face to face with him or in the clinches etc, etc, where I "Know" I can place that barrel at his head or under his chin, etc (let the reader understand)

As the man said a few post up about the baloons. Good point !

Will it kill a man ? Yes ! Would I use it as primary ? No !

Have I ever stuck the little beast in my cowboy shirt pocket and snapped it shut, "While carrying my primary M1911 45acp" ? Yes ! A few times.

After shooting steel plates, and other assorted mess out here with it in 22 MAG, and seeing what the little FMJ pill does and will go through, I am convinced, and I "know" it will go through "noggins."

I would never suggest it as a primary SD weapon, or a go have confidence 'in it alone weapon'. Nor would I sugggest a 25acp, 32, 380 auto, and barely care for a 9mm.

But all that being said. In all the media I have fired it through, and it holding 1/2 groups at 7yds. And using a FMJ in '22 MAGNUM" (not lr). I am not afraid to drop it in my shrit pocket (when in a very specific place that I feel the call for that) and if something just went south (and never has) with my M1911 45acp, I would not hesitate to use the 5 shots from this "22 mag."

They penetrate like crazy in a FMJ (notice no mention of JHP here ever in a mouse gun) and it would only , i said "only" be for "man I am in a real mess with this guy situation and my primary went south". And then I would rather fall back on a larger back up, but I don't like packing around two heavy guns "when in a town or a city"

Now, I hardly ever do this, but am confident in what I jsut said in "that type" of senerio. BUT, now this being said, I usually just have a really good "self assist opening" Kershaw Tanto/serrated razor sharp blade in my jeans. Knives are very nasty !

So, I still say, friends do not let friends carry mouse guns... (everything below 9mm). BUT, only in the senerio above do i once in a blue moon drop the little 22mag 5shot in the shirt pocket, "because" I do "know" it will and does penetrate very very deeply in very hard and soft and mushy things...

But so does the Kershaw !

Be safe amigo's...

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Stay safe all, and use a larger caliber....... !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

Jesus said: You who are without sin cast the first stone.. John 8: 7

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