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Originally Posted by Noponer View Post
By the way, I just put calipers on my G30SF & G30S slides. They measure 1.123" & 1.005", respectively.
Thanks for the measurements. The G30S slide width agrees closely with what Sonnytoo reported in 2010 for the G36 slide at 1.004” 0.002”. That partially answers a question that came up when the G30S was announced about whether or not the G30S slide is the G36 slide with just a different model stamped on the side or is it some new variant.

Noponer, do you happen to have a sensitive scale that could accurately measure the weight of the slide and barrel of the G30S (without RSA) to compare it with the G30SF slide and barrel? I'm curious about the difference in mass between the two pistols for the two moving parts (slide and barrel) before the barrel unlocks. I expect the difference is about 3.5 ounces (assuming you have similar sights on the two slides). The Glock website is no help because it lists the unloaded weight of the G30S and G30SF both at 575 grams which can't be correct.
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