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Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
OK, thanks for offering, but don't bother with it. I will have my hands on a G30S this week at a LGS and can get some data using a sensitive scale they keep in the shop. No problem.

People refer to the "lighter slide" of the G30S generally, but few can relate to that in a meaningful way. It will be helpful to quantify the mass of the slide and barrel of the two pistols and, with some very rough calculations, be able to better communicate the different slide velocity and recoil energy that can be expected.
As you said , Glock shows the same weight online for both guns (20.28 oz.), but the Glock Annual gives 23.80 oz. for the 30SF... so:

23.80 oz. minus 20.28 oz. = 3.52 oz. difference. Both guns use the same RSA, so no difference there.

By the way, a G17 slide measured the same width as the G30S slide... 1.005"+/-. The gun widths given by Glock are for the frames, not the slides (although the online drawings have arrows pointing to slide width). A lot of the Glock data is erroneous.

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