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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
I agree that water jugs aren't scientific, but by pure definition neither are calibrated white lab coat tests scientific. Calibrated jell is based upon pig tissue that closely resembles human tissue but isn't actually human tissue. Only testing through human subjects will yield more accurate information and we all know that isn't going to happen until the New Stalinist Party takes over America.

I like the backyard tests as well as the white coat lab guy tests because it provides a way to compare the different results with specific ammos. Once I have satisfied myself that the specific ammo performs as advertised in all tests I will shoot that ammo to ensure complete gun/ammo reliability. Since there's no ironclad guarantees with anything in life a person makes his/her choices on the best information available.

The best recommendations for ammo performance comes from the "street" results in the aftermath of documented LEO encounters with criminals, from what I have learned, combined with the individual's testing of that ammo in his/her gun/ammo combination.
^ This
The gel doesn't test the hydraulic effect of a bullet either. People put way to much stock in that gel test. The tests were never supposed to test the bullet damage to a human, they were designed to test bullet performance in a substance that is like tissue.
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