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If I end up taking the bolt path, I think I'd probably go with a McMillan....but the Barretts look mean and shoot great. Something about the McMillan though, felt perfect shooting it. I wish I could test fire one of these Bad News rifles to make up my mind....$5K is a HUGE investment for me...and adding an extra long range rifle to the collection sounds like a great I don't have one. Oh....and if by chance there is some new AWB, I might not be able to buy one of these in the future.

For those of you familiar with the rifle, the current prices I'm seeing range between $5K - $5500 without glass. Is this price typical, or overpriced like anything related to a "black rifle" these days? Is the current price inflated due to the current "climate"? I'd like to know what this rifle was selling for 6 months ago or so.

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