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7.62 X 39mm out of bolt guns
CZ and Ruger make compact bolt guns that shoot the 7.62 X 39. I'm thinking of purchasing one for my son for his first deer rifle. My thinking is that he could burn up cheep ammo practicing and then use some good stuff when in the deer stand.
Today I asked the counter guy about the CZ he said. "You don't want to do that. 7.62 X 39mm is so inaccurate that your son won't be able to get affective practice?"
So my question is. REALLY the boy is ten. Is that round so inaccurate that at 50 yards its going to be not worthy to shoot?


You do what ya wanna do with this, but the "counter Guy" at the store is sadly mistaken about the 7.62x39 being inaccurate.

Out of all the guns we got out here, my son will "sometimes" grab the Chineese SKS. He has shot more deer even at 100yds in the neck, yes, I said the neck. We do shoot a great deal out here and always have. Lead flys pretty much every day with several calibers.

Point being, even with Russian soft point ammo, he cleanly takes deer with lung and neck shots from close to far, with this caliber, and out of an SKS.

I grabbed the gun a few times and found I shot it with the standard open sights at 100yds, almost (not quite) as well as i do with my long time old buddy Remington 7mm rem mag with a Zeiss scope ! I can cover three shots out of the 7mm rem mag at 100yds with a dime/nickel, and with a poker chip out of the SKS.

This is a very good caliber for deer, aout like a 30-30. I have never shot one in a bolt action, but bolts usually being more accurate than semi's, I would think it would be a very accurate rifle for ya. If my son can do what he does with a SKS and Russian ammo, I see no reason a good bolt rifle and even better ammo (like winchester soft point) wouldn't do just fine.

Good luck to ya, and don't listen to anyone tell you this caliber out to 100yds is not accurate... that is total bull. It is very accurate.

We have, as we do all our guns, rifle and handguns, shoot out to 600yds at the back side of the ranch in the lower canyon fingers. This caliber does great at even several hundred yards with open SKS sights. I hold a pretty decent group at 300yds with it plenty tight enough for a lung shot deer.

Good luck pard.

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