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Over the years I have tested tons of hard cast and FMJ handgun bullets in wood. Heavy weight hardcast bullets cut straight through and make big exit holes. Flat point Cor Bon Penetrators will as well and are even tougher. Sierra 300 grain .45 bullets really do have a hard core as do their 300 grain .44's. They will penetrate similar to a hard cast in a handgun if you prefer a jacketed bullet in your big bore handgun. The original Freedom Arms 300 grain jacketed bullet for the 454 is even tougher than the Sierra. A 200 grain 357 Magnum hardcast running at 1200+ will give a good 44 Magnum a run for the money as far as penetration goes. Sometimes folks just like figuring things out for themselves. Read Elmer Keith's books and he enjoyed bullet testing as well. And those Keith bullets will go deep and straight as well.

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