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Originally Posted by atcs2152 View Post
I understand the concept of auditory exclusion but even though YOU don't hear it, I have to assume your ears did. IOW, the sound waves were still produced, they reached your ears which were still affected by them but your brain decided not to process the sound for you as it normally would because of the stress of the moment. As such, auditory exclusion or not, I assume there's still potential for damage to ones ears. I'm curious, those of you who experienced auditory exclusion, did you notice typical symptoms of being exposed to a loud noise after the fact, such as ringing in your ears, temporary diminished hearing, etc?

FWIW, I've ordered a G32 barrel for my G23 and I'm hoping it will show up soon so I can try it out. I suspect the .357SIG will become my favorite caliber.
I didn't experience any ringing of the ears or any noticeable effects, but that's not to say everybody else is the same as me.

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