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I agree totally with Dave1 and Chrisbroz. This is exactly why I bought mine for both the G27 and the G23. Simply to keep the exact format of firearm and grip as my carry gun to train with more economically. To me, nothing beats being totally in tune with your everyday carry in all respects while saving on ammo and being able to shoot a LOT more rounds at the range. I was totally on the fence as regards getting this or a Ruger SR22 and this won out in the end for me to get the AA kits. I may still down the road pickup the SR22 to have fun with while at range with the kids...
I really see no downside at all to having the AA kits ONCE I can get them tweaked and tuned to accept "most" 22LR and run relatively reliable instead of having a frustrating experience with them. The only reason I would give up and sell them and get the SR22 is if I absolutely can't tune them to run reliably and I start getting frustrated. Then bye bye it goes as the hassle and headache will remove any training benefit and fun.
Hoping for the best once I get them and run them and eventually play around tweaking them so they are smooth.

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Many people say that and the answer is that you want to train cheaply with a Glock.

I know quite a few competitive shooters that use conversion kits for everything from Beretta to Sig. None of them are cheap but they give you the feel of the pistol you'll be using for competition or self defense.


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