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Federal .22LR rimfire cases and the CCI Blazer Bulk with an "F" on the head are made by Federal. The Federal .22s are specifically not recommended as they are so soft they stick to the chambers of the AA kits and do not extract/eject in dwell cycle times. They are probably the worst ammo you could pick.

Stick to the recommended ammos CCI MiniMag 40RN being the best and CCI Blazer 40RN packed in 50 boxes by CCI with a "C" stamp on the head are the best.

There is nothing to tweak, dick with, change, or fool with in the AA kits. Keep them clean, heavily oiled, and they will run well using the recommended ammo.

Do not ever dry fire them except for disassembly. The damage to the firing pin quickly makes them function poorly.

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