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Originally Posted by DASA View Post
Thanks for your insights guys. I stopped by the shop with the GEN 4 this morning and fondled it next to a GEN 3 SF. It really didn't seem all that much of an improvement over the GEN 3 to me. Not like how the GEN 4 G17 seems to be quite different in feel and use over a GEN 3 G17. I'm gonna sit on my hands and wait for a non-SF G30 to come around, hopefully an early one with the flat finish. With the introduction of the new G30s, I'm betting some older G30 pistols should be hitting the used market soon.

Thanks again and stay safe.
Cool, nothing wrong with waiting for what you want. If you just cant justify the extra expense dont spend the money.
Good luck in finding what you want. I'm sure its out there, they make em every day.
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