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I've got a problem

This thing followed me home from my LGS today. I think I need an intervention.

Tactical Shotguns

Had the choice between a MK1 Tactical 22" and the 18". Just felt like I'd get more utility out of the 18", and I can always go buy a 22" barrel. 8+1 and 4 inches longer compared to 6+1 and another wasn't really worth it to me. Every time I buy a shotgun w/ longer than an 18 inch barrel, the first thing I become obsessed with is getting an 18 inch barrel. This gun wreaks of quality so far. Everything on it is immaculate. Sold an Arsenal for this bad-boy so it better be sweet.

This is my first semi-auto shotgun, and I couldn't afford a benelli M4 so after a bit of research this turned out to be the next best option. Mossy 930's just had too many QC issues out there for me to give them a shot. Plus with all the anti-gun hype they're not too much cheaper than what I got this gun for now a'days.

Threw my Aimpoint T-1 2MOA on top just for looks. Not sure if it'll stay.

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