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Originally Posted by Maine View Post
Am I the only one who heard on the San Bernardino County Sheriff Sysyem police scanner 2 officers talking and one said he "can see blood splatter and mattress against the wall" and the other officer said "ok were gonna burn it as planned". This was 15 mins before the media had any video or commentary on a fire. I also heard a woman dispatcher say "the furnace was in place at the front door"..
"Speculations had been mounting over whether police had purposely started a fire to smoke out the suspect, but San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon told reporters Wednesday his deputies did not intentionally burn down the mountain.
McMahon said deputies shot pyrotechnic tear gas into the cabin and it erupted in flames. He says the tactic was intended to drive Dorner out, but it was not their intention to set the cabin on fire. McMahon did not say directly that the tear gas started the blaze and the cause of the fire remained unclear."

Here we go.. he said she said. Who cares what happened, just come clean about it. The POS is gone. I remember a similar fire situation like this a while ago in... where was it... oh yeah, Waco, TX.
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