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Originally Posted by Seriously? View Post
It's a fair question.

They'd have some credibility if they opened it to an outside impartial one.

Oh boy... while you are at it, why not throw out some other "impartial" organizations like the NAACP, SPLC, UAW, NFL, UFO, PLO, UNICEF, and HMO?

NLRB? Do you even know who they are and what they do? PERB would be closer, but even then, it would be totally irrelevant.

Originally Posted by PhantomF4E View Post
Roasting hot dogs over his burning corpse.
Wouldn't make for delicious hotdogs...

Originally Posted by Seriously? View Post
They are absolutely fair questions.

Just because you have no answers doesn't mean the questions are bad.

The LAPD's history speaks for itself. The only way they can fix this is to have an outside investigation by an unbiased investigator.
What history would that be? One of the finest law enforcement agencies in the world with an international standing very few can rival? What do you know about the LAPD other than what you have heard in the news?

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
An outside agency investigation...of his firing?

They could find that he is due to get his job back, I guess? Employment law in a law enforcement agency is what my wife does, but I can tell you there was an appeal process for Dorner and that's all the "firing investigation" would amount to.
Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Why he snapped is basically of no importance. Life is rough, get a helmet. There is no justification for his actions period. A well balanced individual does not react to disappointment or even mistreatment by killing innocent people, some could even argue by killing the guilty. He snapped because he was defective. He had history of failure LAPD, Navy, over half of his "plans" failed. Stealing the boat, breaking the axel on his truck, which probably in anger, he set fire to telegraphing his location. He crafted his own demise. He failed himself into a conflagration. That does not automatically give credence to his demented manifesto.
Yep, he ain't right for the job and now he's done. Good riddance to bad trash. May the Devil have no mercy on his wretched soul.

Originally Posted by Southswede View Post
You sir, were taught well by a squared away instructor!!
Which is why I am as good as I am. (no shame)

Originally Posted by PhantomF4E View Post
On the health news front , it is reported that Chris Dorner quit smoking today .
I heard he didn't stop smoking for a long time... and it took quite a few hours for the heat to subside.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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