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I don't think I screwed up. I got the pistol back today. Glock received it on 1/30, and I got it back today 2/13. They had it less then two weeks!

It appears to have all new springs, the trigger is very crisp, not mushy like my 26, and I got 2 new mags (one appears to be a slightly used one with a new spring and follower, but it's NOT cracked, so I don't care, it's gonna be well used just as soon as I get a chance to go shoot it) I didn't get the original parts back, but it's a shooter/carry gun, that doesn't bother me either.

It looks like they did a bit of light duty machining/polishing of the feed ramp, and removed a corner from the the upper barrel lug. I'm assuming this to have slightly more reliable feeding and ejection? Or was this the protrusion that could cause an out of battery detonation?
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