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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
That seems to be a very big problem in more and more states. The slum infested, give me free stuff over populated cities have the majority of votes and they vote for those wiling to give them free stuff. They also are the ones that believe the government can will and must protect them and that "guns" are bad because the TV tells them so. They don't have the mental ability to reason so they don't understand that it is people not guns that are the problem and that a government that gives you everything can take everything. Then we have people right here on GT that vote DemoRAT knowing full well the DemoRATic party wants us disarmed because "their" DemoRAT says he support the Second Amendment. And the MORONS believe them. We're fighting idiots from both ends.
True EVERYWHERE. Just look at the poluted DNA pools of the urban areas...

Too many PA voters are old-skool "union" Dems - despite being hunters and gunowners and despite the unions being all but dead - they'd vote for Hitler if he ran as a Dem.

Anti-gun activists have already taken note of these facts; all these fudd-gunning deer hunters but too few are NRA members. They are now on the attack in PA.
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