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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
This one, will soon, also be locked and/or deleted.
Not a great idea To slam a forum Sponsor,.....use some common sense.
Try the smart approach, send a Mod or Eric a POLITE pm asking the question!

I am so so so so so so AMAZED at the lenght some will go to PROTECT a sponsor who OBVIOUSLY is fleecing members, WOW just WOW. Don't believe me just go to their web-site and give a call. I have them in phone and call a few times per day.
Common sense would be to check them out and see why they are taking on-line orders and not only not returning calls but not even allowing messages. I have been a lifelong shooter/enthusiast and think folks who take advantage of situations like this should be ashamed of them self.
Remember this quote. "never let a serious crisis go to waste".

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