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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
It's been 600 years since a pope resigned. It's just not done. My guess is an internal political power stuggle in the church.
The Catholic Church has been infiltraded by satan. You are right, there is an internal struggle, but it is not politics. This has been warned by many signs. One of them, are the letters of Fatima, as well as some other visionaries that has been proved to be somewhat legit by the Catholic Church. It is my understanding that Benedict knew he was the pope that was to flee the church. Just as John Paul II knew they were going to try to kill him. Just like the next Pope will know he will be the last pope. My question is more of "If they already know, why not try to change course or resist to it?" Do they want for things to run its course to prove the prophesies were right? or there is really nothing they can do to stop the chain of events?
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