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Originally Posted by Mayhem like Me View Post
I would stay away till a true track record can be established.

I have worked on a bunch of older Bushmaster agency FA guns that had BCG problems, they worked initially then what I later found out is they used slightly undersized allen head fasteners to hold on the gas key.
I found it out by accident when I purchased a quantity of new gas keys and screws to go through them all, the head of the older fasteners was noticibly smaller and metric.

With the correct fasteners, new gas keys and to spec installation procedures all those weapons are now running great.

If they were willing to cheap out a few cents on the correct fasteners what else would that original managment do?

They may end up being great.. time and track record will tell.
I don't own a Windham rifle, nor am I in any way associated with the company. In all honesty, if a similar Colt rifle were available to me for a reasonable cost, I think I would buy it over the WW, if for no other reason than I would feel secure that the Colt would hold its value.

That being said, everything I have read and seen about WW's rifle has been extremely positive. At the same time, Bushmaster reputation has been slipping since they moved their manufacturing. All of the Windham rifles I have seen in stores look to be very, very well made.

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