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Originally Posted by Huskershooter23 View Post
Im new to the world of AR's although I've done a lot of reading up on on the subject as I get close to purchasing one or potentially building one. But as I read through this forum I am yet to find anyone talking about an AR in .308. Are they that uncommon?

I use a .308 for hunting and have the rounds and the ability to reload them so thats kind of why I was considering it.

I have one built on a Tactical Machining lower with a DPMS 24" fluted bbl. and a magpul PRS stock. I built it to be a semi-auto sniper configuration. It is heavy. I can shoot a four round group (100 yard) that a dime will cover the center of all four rounds.

You are right to call it an ar in .308.

Armalite builds the AR-10 and has the name trademarked.
I have discovered inadvertently that the AR-10 trademark is vigorously defended by some of the GT Black Rifle forum members, none of whom are going to believe that my TM/DPMS ar.308 can shoot 1/2 MOA on a good day.

They have always been less common because they are about twice the price.
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