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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
How do you know the gas port would be the wrong size?
People who buy econo grade rifles usually shoot crap ammunition.

If you pull the block and measure most commercial grade rifles, they are usually .078 or even more.

That being said, you had the golden opportunity to call me out and prove me wrong here... I googled it and apparently their port sizes are:

Here are our gas port sizes:


When we start doing 11.5" they will be .076".
At the same time I withdraw that criticism though, I must add a few more:

1) It was my understanding in the previous post that WW was touting their HPT/MPI bolts, but now I have found that they are likely "batch" tested, which is UNSAT.

2) Some rifles still ship with commercial/ semi carriers and improper, commercial diameter receiver extensions.

3) Also, you have to stake your own Castle Nut, and as far as the BCG staking... is it sound?

I'm just not sure if I would willingly get ripped off by these folks when a new Colt LE6920 was going for $1050 a few months ago. If they were offering it at ~$700 then I'd say yeah, maybe you might consider one... then save up an extra $300 and get something that's not going to quit on you.

There are far better options out there in that price range. Don't fall victim to the panic and just buy whatever's on the shelf.
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