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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
Any serious AR (Colt, Noveske, DD, BCM, LMT) is better than one of these commercial spec junkers for the following reasons:

1) The gas port will be properly sized at .063.

(pull the gas block on that rifle- a 1/16 drill bit will be a hot dog down a hallway in that junker)

2) BCG and FCG parts will be of known quality and not lowest bidder, or built by a rebranded workforce known for spotty QC. (WW is supposedly HPT/MPI testing their bolts now, though)

3) You will get a quality barrel will have the proper twist rate allowing you to fire the widest variety of ammunition accurately.

4) The fit and finish will be superior... if that's your thing.
Alot of assumptions on your part. But regardless of the a couple of things stick out. One is half the
Rifles you named can not be purchased for $1100 like you implied. And second you have yet to post anything showing how any of these ARs are 10x the quality if the WW. So I can only guess maybe you over stated things in you original post.

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