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Workout planning help...

I will keep this short, I'm looking for good ideas and this looked like a good place to start.

I'm 42 and have been lifting on a 5x5 powerlifting program for a few months. 3 core exercises with 5 sets/5 reps. Squat, overhead press (sub incline or straight bench press on light workouts) and alternating low cable rows and high seated rows.

Currently I have a heavy day (+ 5% is the goal), 2days off.
A medium day (working weight only), 2 days off.
And a light day ( set to failure), 2 days off.
The next week your working weight = your last heavy day.

It's fast, and builds strength... But I've hit a roadblock. Simply put, my lower back sucks. I had a back surgery that removed scar tissue and most of the disc between L4/L5 a few years back after disc problems. I feel 100% good to go, but just shouldering 315 lbs in the squat rack sends tingles and numbness down my right leg and's time to stop.

I have no experience other than strength training like what is above...I played baseball through college and team workouts were either strength based or aerobic...I'm lost when looking at a traditional split workout.

Basically I can workout 2-3x weekly and my gym has 7 of every conceivable machine and a stunning array or free weights...I just don't know where to start. Reading, soliciting advice from club trainers, and asking around has me going in 3 different directions. Trainers want me to take a spin class and do high reps of 8-10 different exercises each workout...reading has me all over the place...and asking around has led me to believe that nobody is doing their own workouts...just one they read about here and there.

Does anyone use a 2-3 day split that they like and feel works?
I want to be strong, I probably should not load a bunch of weight on my back (no squats), and I get my cardio playing racquetball, swimming, and on a bike if need be. My current/soon to be former program has me in and out in 40 min...but I am open to whatever. I just want to keep my strength gains and not blow my lower back out.

Thanks in advance... I anxiously await the wisdom of GT, and I'm off to the gym to try something new.

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