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Originally Posted by sixgun2 View Post
They were paper Canadians.
Islam is mostly a totalitarian political ideology, with a fig-leaf covering of religiosity. It demands first allegiance among its followers, no matter where they live. If they try to leave Islam, they're to be killed. Not all of them adhere to the inhuman demands of Islam ("slay the infidel"), but far too many do. We can't read minds to know which ones are jihadists and which aren't (at the moment. 'Peaceful' ones can suddenly change their mind at any time too), and Islam teaches lying (takiyya) to deceive gullible infidels.

We need to stop all Muslim immigration until such time as Islam convincingly renounces violence and hate against women, non-Muslims, etc. To do that, we're going to have to boot all 'politically correct' leftist moonbats out of high offices everywhere in the West (Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, etc), before there's nothing left to save.
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