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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
Prior to googling, one assumption I made, regarding the port size turned out wrong. They are properly sizing their ports.

Other assumptions I made- that the castle nut would be properly staked, the carrier and receiver extension would be of the proper spec, and that the bolts were tested and proven turned out to be wrong... and quality is in fact lower than I had imagined.

So, if I made any assumptions, they benefited WW. The rifles are worse than I thought.

Regarding the cost, I clearly stated that once the market stabilizes you will be able to buy a quality rifle for less money. One that is, literally, TEN TIMES THE RIFLE.

Obviously you can turn out junkers by the barrel full if you aren't focused on doing things right. If you have to have it now and you're willing to pay more and get less, then by all means, grab what's on the shelf. That's the way markets operate.

Quality takes time.

I must have missed some of the ARs you referenced selling for $1100 before this mess started. Seems to me they were selling for 50% to 60% more than that before this mess.

No doubt some of those ARs are of higher quality overall than WW but 10x better is not a realistic estimation.
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