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Good point...and I have been static after backing it down to a comfortable weight. The tingles start up again, just not as strong. I kind of feel like I can't un-ring that bell now.

I had the realization that my workout was not one I could do going forward. Maybe at 32...definitely at 22...but at 42 my fitness goals werenot in sync with what I have been doing. I just don't have experience doing anything else.

I did talk to one of the trainers today and he made some suggestions for me to transition from my basic 3 lift program into a 3 zone split I could use indefinitely. We found 16 exercises I could split into 3 days 4 exercises per workout with 4 that could interchange every other workout. I tried arms and back today...will try chest and legs Sunday, then shoulders and core on Monday. Normally I would have more rest days in between but my schedule is strange this month. I liked the arms and back workout, but I left the gym feeling like I didn't do much. On my old program I would barely make it to the locker room...relax in the sauna...then use all my strength to get to the car. I was 100% spent. This one, not so much. Maybe this is the easy day.

I went working weight for 10x, up 10lbs for 10x, then back to working weight to failure. I established working weight as approx 70% of 1 rep max. Example is ez curl 1 rep max was 95lbs, working weight was 60lbs. 10x 60lbs, 10x 70lbs, 22 at 60lbs to failure. Not a exercise I am used to performing, and not being able to cheat really affects how much you can lift.

Today I went ez curls, triceps rope pull down, seated low rows, and some back extension machine that was basically a reverse sit up with resistance...I wanted to add more exercises but was warned off that idea until I get through a couple of full weeks.

Chest/legs will be seated chest press/incline press, pect deck, seated leg press, leg extensions.

Shoulders and core is high rows, overhead press, some kind of light jump squats or weighted lunges, and ???.

I will see how it goes, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has a program they have personal experience with. I feel a little lost doing this merry go round workout.
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