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Originally Posted by Hedo1 View Post
I have one of these also with the heavy 24" barrel and Magpul furniture. It's a great shooter. Sub MOA with my handloads and darn close with factory ammo. It likes the lighter stuff. 150 and 168 gr preferred. It loves Lapua 167gr scenar bullets.

I'm glad I bought 4, 20 rd magpul magazines when I got the rifle. Haven't seen 10 or 20's for this rifle since the troubles started.
my buddy has the same rifle and has had time to work up loads and is getting sub MOA with 165's (Sierras) I am not concerned about eventual accuracy

Originally Posted by Huskershooter23 View Post
Thanks to everyone for the responces, I've become a huge fan of this site. Most everyone is great about helping us Newbies!

So on average how much more do they run compared to a similar gun in .223?

Another question, I'm attending the gun show this weekend in Vegas(I live here) we have 3 shows here in the next month. I do not currently own a AR in any caliber but am looking for the best deal I can find before I buy. I understand I will pay more than those who bought theirs pre-panic but will NOT over pay to the extent of some of those people out there. In saying that I probably wont get one at any of the gun shows BUT should I pick up ammo with out even owning a gun for it if the price is right just to get ahead and be ready for when I do make the purchase? Or should I wait to see if prices drop by the time I actually find a deal on the gun I want? Along with that should I try and pick up some mags just to have? Its just a matter of time before I get the gun but here in Vegas its almost impossible to find .223 or anything else for that matter.
If things equalize they are not too much more $$$, I paid $980 I think for mine (pre-panic).

Mine has no irons and a Vortex Viper 6.5-20X scope on a PEPR mount.

It is getting a Timney or like aftermarket trigger in the next couple weeks too.
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