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Originally Posted by exmdshooter View Post
I have essentially the same rifle, but it's a factory DPMS LR308... with the same upper. I too added a Magpul stock. I have mine topped with a Tasco (aka SWFA SuperSniper) 10x42 Mildot scope. Awesome combo, but as SpectreRider states it's a HEAVY piece of gear. Great glass for $300 BTW. Likewise I can put rounds into a dime size group all day at 100 yards if I do my part. SWEET!

BTW - shooting Federal Premium 168 grain Gold Medal Match out of mine.
Same here, Federal Gold Medal Match 168gr sierra match bthp. As close to good handload as factory gets.

As far as how much a AR.308 costs, I sourced each part about as cheaply as I could. Still not a cheap rifle though.

TM10 Stripped Lower Reciever SN TM00010XX 229.00
FL sales tax 13.75
DPMS Complete 24" Bull upper Carbon Handguard 725.00
FL sales tax 43.50
Magpul PRS Gen 2 Stock 255.00
ERGO Sure Grip w-Palm Shelf 53.56
.308 Mil-spec Buffer Tube Assembly 43.97
DPMS Lower Reciever Parts Kit 58.99
DPMS 19 Round .308 Magazine (x3)- 69.00
DPMS 4 Round .308 Magazine 23.00
Pride and Fowler RR-800-1 3-9x42 Scope w/sunshade 538.95
Leupold 30mm scope rings 148.00
Geissele LR-308 small pin Super Dynamic Two Stage Enhanced Trigger 220.00
Butler Creek flip up scope covers 22.00
Harris bi-pod (already had it) 73.00
Pelican rifle case 170.00
Shipping charges approx 25.00

TOTAL 2711.72

That Geissele trigger is worth every penny and then some.

Anyone needing glass might want to go look at the specs on that Pride and Fowler scope. It is great glass and the reticle is a unique design that is being copied (poorly) by some of the big scope makers.
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