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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post

You need me to explain why an article claiming there's a massive conspiracy surrounding a "war on manliness" is stupid?
There is a "war on manliness" in today's society. Watch TV and you'll see example after example of men, especially older white males, being portrayed in a less than a favorable light.

The feminine male is all the rage on more than just a few TV shows.

Notice the absence of modern day westerns and war oriented shows that show the male in a dominate role. Notice that in most sex scenes that the woman is always on top. Every show has a woman in charge, or if a man is a co-star he shares power with a woman.

Just look at how the school bullying controversy was handled by society. Did you ever hear anyone tell the victim to fight back? Of course not.

We're raising our male children to be wimps and metrosexuals that tolerate any aberrant behavior that the perverts tell them to.

There is a war on strong assertive males in this country.
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