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Originally Posted by Ranger142 View Post
I scored 1600 rounds today at Gander Mt for $99. They only had 1 case and I got it. They had about 50 boxes Remington thunderbolt 525 round boxes that were gone in about 10 minutes.
Our local Gander also got a shipment earlier in the week (Thursday, I think it was?). I just happened to be standing there when they rolled the pallet over to the ammo shelf (I had stopped to look around on my way to work; pure luck).

This is what I saw: a case (10) of Champion .22 rimfire value packs (525 rounds) @ $22.99 each. I bought two; one for myself, and one for my son. About a half-case of Thunderbolt .22 rimfire in individual 50-round boxes, a case of Spitfire rimfire ammo (couldn't see any details), a case of Independence .223 FMJ (in 20-round boxes), and a bunch of miscellaneous centerfire rifle ammo in various calibers (2-4 boxes of each).

This store still has centerfire handgun ammo in-stock (both FMJ and JHP loads), but their prices are high (I assume that's why they still have some available).

I called a few folks to let them know about the rimfire and .223, and a friend who got there a few hours later said it was all gone. The ammo IS still moving to the stores, but quantities are low, and demand is still high. When everybody has a personal communicator an arm's length away 24/7, word of new stock spreads quickly and stuff doesn't last long.

Keep looking, folks.
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