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PCJim... "don't know if this helps reduce moisture, but it can't really hurt."

Just to add a few comments to my previous post, I do something similar as you described in all of your above comments. Those little moisture packs do work when trying to keep all of your components dry.

I you want to find those moisture packets for FREE, stop in at your local Dicks Sporting Goods store or any large Shoe store and just ask for them. I asked they what they do with them they told me that when they take the shoes out of the box for display - they just throw them away, and If I wanted I could have all a wanted!

Give it a try and save some bucks.

My shop is relatively new and dry but I do run a dehumidifier as well. I feel that anything you can to to ensure your shop/storage area is cool & dry for short or long term storage is going to be a real plus for you.

Thanks for the post Jim.
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