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I don't have one, but I remember a demonstration at my Jr. high school (obviously many years ago) that was pretty awesome. A man mounted two thick sand bags on a piece of plywood, then fired a .38 into the bags. The bullet did not make it into the second bag.

He then mounted fresh bags on the board and fired a crossbow into them. The shaft penetrated both bags and part-way through the plywood. I was about 13 years old and was very impressed.

Now I know that we don't want that much penetration in a self-defense situation and that a flatter or hollow pointed projectile will likely do more to stop a BG than a sharp pointed one. But I still think the demo was pretty cool.

It's also pretty interesting that in those days, a man could bring a loaded gun to the school and actually fire it on stage with a few hundred students in the audience, and it was not a problem.
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