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Originally Posted by WayneJessie View Post
There's a reason these "greedy lowlifes" are doing this. It's because customer loyalty is non-existant anymore.

My LGS cannot even buy guns for what some mega-dealers are selling them for retail online. I met my share of customers that were nothing more than lying "greedy lowlifes" as well. The door swings both ways.

If you feel a dealer is gouging don't do business with him.
Well put, and I agree. It is why I can't personally get upset about prices changing with supply and demand. Same thing with gas. If prices are all held at decade-old levels, supply is zero.

Likewise, how many of you have gone to [fill in any store] looked at something, then went home to buy on Amazon? I do it all the time IN STORES I'll whip out my phone and check. Did it last night looking at shoes.

That is the flip side of eroding customer service and higher prices. You'll pay those two premiums for instant gratification.
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