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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
You have no idea how hilarious it is that that's the best you could do in response. Hold on and let me give you one of these just for effect...

I never lied on an application.

Se the post above, that is a lie, in and of itself. and your own words prove it.

Go find the original story and you'll see that it was a simple question asked in an interview by a woman who was doing interviews to see who should come back to talk to the regional maintenance director.

See post above, not what you said at all, you are misrepresenting your own post, a form of lying

She asked me if I knew about a particular system and I said yes so she would mark me down for a return interview. Then I did the research and when I came back I talked to the guy that would know if I was BSing him about that system. Funny how often you guys have to keep dragging the "Gunhaver the application falsifier" out in response to my posts on unrelated matters.

Once gain, you lie about what you have said and admitted to

Why, it's almost like that's all you've got.

You just don't know when to stop lying, it's pathological with you.

I think I will save these last two posts for every time you dare question anyone else's ethics.
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