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In before the lock!

The gun problem is NOT a black problem, it's a social problem that affects everyone.

Trying to blame the problem on any one race is just simply wrong.

We've kicked God out of our society and embraced every deviant behavior known to man, and as a result we now have a society where anything goes and we no longer have respect for each other, or anything.

Life has been cheapened by TV and movie violence, and by video games that glorify killing and violence. Most of the population is addicted to chemicals in one form or another. The rest are just simply pissed off at the world.

Illegal drugs are a MAJOR problem in this country and fuel most of the violence and gun crimes, yet most Americans want more drugs legalized. Figure that one out.

The gang/hip hop culture is another problem that is completely out of control and being tolerated by lawmakers and the general population.

When you tell your children that they're descended from apes and that they're no different than animals, then they go out and act like animals.

Today, the easiest way out of life's complex problems is drugs.
If drugs don't solve your problem, then grab a gun.

That's what we've trained our society to do.

Personal responsibility is an outdated concept and your problems are always the fault of someone else. You deal with that by walking in to some place and opening fire with a gun.

People get the government they deserve.
It seems that they also get the society they deserve.


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