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Illegal drugs are a MAJOR problem in this country and fuel most of the violence and gun crimes, yet most Americans want more drugs legalized. Figure that one out.
Most of us have figured that one out. It's called "prohibition doesn't work" and it applies to guns and drugs and sex stuff and food and anything else you can think of that people really want. You seem to be one of the few here that really thinks the war on drugs has been a stunning success. How many tax dollars should we spend on fighting drugs this year?

Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
When you tell your children that they're descended from apes and that they're no different than animals, then they go out and act like animals.

Exactly which animals will they act like? I'm quite well versed in zoology and animal behavior and neither my evolution teaching ex-wife nor my evolution teaching current girlfriend had children that acted like any animals. I would have to say that their behavior is quit human like.
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