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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post

...You seem to be one of the few here that really thinks the war on drugs has been a stunning success. How many tax dollars should we spend on fighting drugs this year?

The so called war on drugs has been an utter disaster, because you don't fight a war with compassion, education and training.

In a real war on drugs we'd have already parked an aircraft carrier off the coast of Columbia and burned their drug crop to cinders.

You make distribution, possession and use of illegal drugs a capital offense and watch the drug trade dry up overnight.

Drugs are destroying this country and it's past time we declared a real war on the druggies and destroy them before they destroy us.

Exactly which animals will they act like?...

They act like animals in the sense that they have no respect for other life. Their needs come first, no matter the cost.
Just because the war on drugs has been a failure, doesn't mean we just give up and legalize them.

We fight harder.
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