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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
At an absolute minimum, you'd at least have to concede that we need to rethink strategy.
Most definitely!

The druggies always bring up alcohol prohibition as an excuse for just giving up on the drug problem.

Imagine if the government would have just fought harder and succeeded in keeping alcohol illegal. Just think of the lives and families that would have been saved.

For that reason we cannot give up on drugs just because it may appear that we're losing the battle. Have we become a nation of losers, who quit when the going gets tough?

The illegal drug trade in this country is the primary cause of the gun and gang violence we have. Get a handle on drugs and the gun problem, crime problem and gang problem will solve its self.

We can't just give up because a few pot heads want to get high. Obviously they have no respect for the lives of others, and just want their own needs fulfilled.


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