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Originally Posted by Vic777 View Post
If you take blacks out of the equation, what are the statistics?
If you take drug dealers out of the equation, what are the statistics?
If you download the raw data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (available in MS Excel format on there website) and the CDC's data, you can slice and dice the data any way you want. If you remove blacks and Hispanics from the data, the US homicide rate drops from about 4.4 per 100k to 1.9. 1.9 is comparable to European countries and Canada where they do not have large, poor, minority populations. Looking at overall violent crime, I was able to calculate that 86% of all violent crime in the country is committed by members of the black and Hispanic minorities...23% of the US population. Meanwhile, the rates among members of other races living in poverty are no where near as there is definitely something more than just poverty at the heart of this. I believe there is a cultural disposition towards violence. Before the flames start, my last statement was the only opinion stated here: the rest is cold hard stats you can easily verify for yourselves using the UCR and CDC data.

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