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Cutting the cord on cable

Hey guys, i know techtalk is reserved for computers, but wondering if y'all could help me out.

I just moved, and got rid of cable. I had Dish, and they kept increasing my monthly service. I didnt watch PPV or anything like that, just their basic package. Ended up being something like $55 a month, so it's gone now. However, now that I moved i realized i miss it. However, I'm not home enough to justify getting another cable service.

Did some research online, and figured out I could get a TV antenna and just hook that up to my Westinghouse LED flatscreen (it does accept it). However, is there anything else I'm going to need? My fiance likes watching CBS.. I pretty much will watch a little of whatever's on. So school me on cable alternatives please

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
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