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1. Impeach/remove hussein from office for not abiding by his oath to uphold the Constitution/Bill-of-Rights

2. Impeach/remove from office any/all federal/state judges/congressmen/senators/legislators who do not uphold the Constitution/Bill-of-Rights

3. Overturn the hussein-care health-care bill

4. Strip the federal reserve of all regulatory power

5. Impose a flat 10% income exceptions

6. CLOSE the border with mexico with troops, deport ALL illegal aliens immediately and remove ALL benefits now provided to illegal aliens until they can all be deported. Kids of illegals born here will NOT be granted citizenship (retroactively).

7. Rescind affirmative action now...hiring should be based upon merit alone

8. Welfare recipients must work or perform community service for their benefits. Welfare recipients would 'man' the child-care facilities for other welfare recipients with kids

If I think of anything else, I'll update my post.
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