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Originally Posted by RyanSBHF View Post
There is, IQ. The average black IQ is 85 compared to 100 for white and 105 for Asians.
Source? Not picking at ya, just wondering where you got this information.

My first thoughts were that the IQ of black people that identify as black would have lower average IQs. Who's putting them down as black? Is it the test taker themselves or the test givers?

There are plenty of people that many would call black that don't identify as black. Like Morgan freeman said, "I am not a minority, I am a human being and there are over 7 billion of us." I don't consider myself white and I study evolution enough to know that there is no genetic distinction between the races. It's all just variations in skin tone. It's not even a cultural thing across the board. A short conversation with Eminem and Neil deGrasse Tyson would prove that point.

I suppose that if we all went down to Sherwin Williams and picked a sample card that closest matched our skin tone and then called ourselves that color name then that would be more accurate but it's still a stupid criteria for dividing ourselves. I'd be Ambitious Amber and I could point out that we're smarter on average than the Gallant Goldies but I'd be an idiot that needs somebody to feel better than to do so.

Somebody that will check the black or African American box to describe themselves has already bought into the idea that there is such a thing as race when there really isn't which shows a predisposition to lower intelligence and a level of gullibility that would lead one to expect the IQ results that you posted. The smartest "black" people like to avoid this condescension and attempt to pigeon hole them for someone else's gain. I have met many of them even when working for HUD for years.

I never mark race boxes on anything because that information is only used to separate us into groups and build cases for giving more tax money and special concessions to minority groups. I'm not as opposed to social programs as most here but I would at least like to see it distributed on the basis of need rather than race.
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