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The day I turned 21 I was at the LGS looking into buying my first handgun.... That day a glock 22 gen 4 came home with me.... I think more than 5000 rounds have been fired through it. I have had only two FTF one was due to a defective primer I think..(due to the fact that after I pulled the trigger...flinched and nothing happened. The primer had a mark... So I put it back in the mag and pulled the trigger again... And BAM! It fired... And the second one was a round that had no primer nor powder in it whatsoever... Not sure what happened to that one. I kept it... Filled the primer spot with hot glue and painted the round safety orange. That's what I use to practice drills sometimes... But other than that it has not failed me... But to answer one of your questions. I got mine in 2011 so then a 27 gen 3 followed me home one day... Then recently got me a 19 gen 4. Couldn't be happier with any of me'. Sorry for the extremely long reply... Lol :D
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