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Originally Posted by BMiracletx View Post
Based on this, then perhaps you are correct... he might have ended up in jail. Just because I personally haven't heard of anyone does not mean people haven't. As for PTSD... never rule it out. My first 10 1/2 years I was enlisted and saw some things that I still don't like to talk about. My last 9 years have been on the officer side of things and am now fixing folks. I am a doc now and see/treat people with PTSD all the time. The funny thing is that most of them seem perfectly normal on the exterior. The military (and especially the sniper corps) teach their folks to compartmentalize their emotions. Either way, sounds like you are a good friend and he is doing okay.

Enough of this talk... back to Glockin'!!! I have 21 Glocks and I have to agree with your friend. My 17, 19, and 34 see the most rounds in my arsenal.
Nice try, sir! (I've been through this before, and I have friends both in the officer corps and elsewhere. Some of them are active duty, others retired)

BTW, his father (retired Army Colonel) is also a doctor.

Your comments regarding the sniper corps leads me to believe his comments (I agreed with them at first blush) about the way the media consider those in the military, to be spot on.

And yes, he is a good friend, and he is "doing okay" as you write.

BTW, what seems to be your attempt to "talk down" to me, in somewhat elegant form, is what I'd consider, in other forums, to be "patronizing".......... I hope I'm wrong.


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