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Originally Posted by frank4570 View Post
I hope the video works. This is fairly close to my house.
Originally Posted by frank4570 View Post
Are they doing something which justifies being arrested?
Do you know the back story on this? I don't think so.

Dance Off: Court rules against birthday dance at Jefferson Memorial

In 2008, shortly before the 265th birthday of Thomas Jefferson on April 13, Mary Brooke Oberwetter and a group of 17 friends intended to "celebrate and honor the former President by ushering in his birthday with silent dance. They were ordered to disperse by U.S. Park Police officers.

Oberwetter did not comply. She was taken into custody for five hours and cited for "interfering with an agency function" and "demonstrating without a permit."

The Park Police later decided not to press the charges. HOWEVER, Oberwetter filed a suit saying her rights had been violated.

This went through the Courts up to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

This video from 2011 is the "civil danceobediance", an organized event. Aside
Live Civil “Danceobedience” at
As said before, the participants were looking for attention.
The event was widely publicized on several websites including Facebook, streamed live and live-tweeted. Local media outlets were also informed of the event, and a public call for photographers, videographers and witnesses made sure a crowd beyond the usual tourist masses was set in place to watch. At one point, organizers decided to hold off until more dancers arrived for news cameras, making note that Park Police was well aware of the event and were also gathering in response.
There are more links embedded within the articles.
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